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People give to charities that listen to them

We create donor centric campaigns to engage people and make them give.

We are mind me.

We are a 99 % digital fundraising factory.*

* 99 % because we would never consider digital alone… and because we do many other things… offline ;)
Benchmark, analysis and conception of fundraising marketing development strategies.
& Consulting
Strategic thinking, graphic creation and implementation of digital fundraising campaigns.
Digital Fundraising
Channels and KPIs definition, integrated creative idea conception and multi-channel implementation.
Leads acquisition though our lead machine® and multi-channel conversion.
Acquisition &
(Meta)Analysis of fundraising strategies. Web Analysis, reporting solution and conversion optimisation.
Data Analysis & Optimization
Co-creating and collaborative experimentation to encourage development of innovative fundraising projects.
mind me Lab
for Innovation

Starting point

Frédéric Fournier
& Claude Pouvreau
The first one (Fred!) has more than 20 years experience in the fundraising industry worldwide. He is one of the pioneer in digital fundraising in France.
The other one (Claude!) has a huge digital fundraising experience. He is involved in most impressive digital fundraising successes in France.
Ready to meet them?

Shared vision

The world has changed. So have our way of consumption and the way we considerate brands. Therefore..can we still raise funds the way we did in the past?
The key to success for organisations: creating long-term relationship with their donors.
We are
We are

When was the last time you really listened to what your donors have to tell you?

By putting donors at the center of our consideration, we will help our clients create more long-lasting and engaging relationships.
We are

Have you ever tried to find new ways to interact and create meaningful relationships with your donors?

Imaginative and memorable creative work are prerequisites for any agency. At mind me we make a difference by applying creative thinking to strategies, technologies and solutions for our clients.
We are

Have you already recorded and evaluated all data available in your environment?

Data snacking is our daily food for thought. Our main goal: knowing what is happening to optimize our campaigns. And this is true both for digital data and offline data.
We promise we will keep them for us.
We are

When was the last time you really take time to considerate people around you?

Both for our staff, our partners, our clients, and their donors, we believe that an open and collaborative environment is best suited to create the most efficient and meaningful fundraising campaigns.
mind me is a member of the european fundraising network led by direct mind and mind wize